About “Fathers Days”

First off I will like to say Happy Father’s Days to all of my Fathers out there worldwide. Just like Mother’s day, Father’s day should be an everyday thing to celebrate, but it is not. It’s truly a crime to single out one special day to celebrate the blood, sweat and tears that we the Kings have to endure to raise our child (ren) as a single Father, or better yet as a family unit.

On to the record, this song entitled Father’s Days was inspired by the sounds and vision of my King Diggah. From the very few seconds that I heard the track I think I just pictured my daughter’s face, it was almost as if Diggz thought of my daughter and I throughout the process of him creating this sultry track. The funny thing is that I have never physically hung out with Diggz a day in my life, laughing out loud. Pip sent me over the track and told me to meditate on it, the rest was history. Now Father’s Days is officially the first Single off of the New Album “Untitled – Accepting Ideas From God” coming real soon…

In the process of me writing the lyrics, it put me in the state of mind of my “Daughterless Father” poetry, which you can click here or you can find it in my personal writing directory for the point of reference, but it spoke volume and we really feel like it’s time for us to grasp onto our children as Fathers and Kings. Be the leaders that our offspring’s strongly desire for us to be and show them the correct path of righteousness, the way that God set forth is to live and live more abundantly. Without you being there as a father and leader, you break that immediate connection to Godhood and abundant living, leaving the child to figure things out on their own, like they say, an idle mind is the devil’s playground. I beg all of you fathers out there to be proactive from this day forth, get engaged with your little ones. Don’t allow baby momma drama to get in the way of you being there for your Prince & Princesses. It sounds cliché and all, but they are truly our future.

I pray that my daughter becomes more than I can ever be in life and hope to one day see her move people through her vision in a positive way from her father’s teachings. With that being said you guys hit the play button. Download this and share it. Thanks in advance! “Be a Father and King”

To all my Kings holding down the bloodline of their Kingdoms, I Salute you all, one love.

Thank You for tuning in to my Plug! New Album on the way! Stay tuned…

Special Shout out to my King Diggz for producing this sultry track, and big shout outs to the King PaNaMa HoLLa for blessing the beginning of this track with that mesmerizing testimony about his beautiful Daughter formulating sentences before 3 years old. -Marvel

Father’s Days (Single)

  • Featured Album: Untitled – Accepting Ideas From God
  • Produced By: Wayne “Diggah” Campbell
  • Mixed & Mastered by: Goldfinger at G.O.B Studios
  • Artwork by: Pipvisions.com
  • Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
  • Released: June 15, 2014
  • 2015 Pipmusiq/ Marvelous Artz.

This is dedicated to all the Fathers across the world and in heaven, please don’t take the good Fathers out there foregranted…