Living Legend

“Living Legend” Momma didn’t have a car, but everyday I was being driven by these vivid Visions walking to and from school, stayed cool on... Read More
May 2016

Hollowed BE

“Hollowed BE” Oh Hollowed BE, deep is the hole of THY Key, who can reach the pits of THY keep and unlock THEE, how about... Read More
May 2015
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Love is Blind

“Love is Blind“ Ignorance is kind, the most blissful thing about Love is that it’s blind, shading the overwhelming light of the Truth behind, fine,... Read More
May 2015

Pipture Perfect

“Pipture Perfect” Visualize your Pipture Perfect canvas stretched all over my frame, isn’t the thought alone insane, being pounded by GOD with a heavenly mallet... Read More
October 2014

No Pain, No Gain

“No Pain, No Gain”     No pain, no gain, I inhale oppositions then exhale propositions to excel any opposing situation, failure’s not an option,... Read More
October 2014

The “It” Factor

“The “It” Factor”   When you got that “It” factor And the re-actors realize that they can not copy and match “It” without your presence,... Read More
July 2014
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