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Bernard "BigOne" Williams Music Producer/ Engineer/ Recording Artist Owner at BigOne Beats Productions Contact:

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I'm Timeless

I’m Timeless… I’m Timeless, in my soul it’s engraved… from the womb to the tomb through the coldest of days and the darkest of nights with only sparkles of light

SMH… Part. 4

Still SMH… “His Perspective” Part 4……….. My thoughts were unsettled as I ran out of the door and got into my car, Before I reversed … I took one last

Fatherhood Part. 8

Our 21st Century Society in America have made being a Father a competition; as if you’ll get an Academy Award for being something you’ve created yourself… and it goes through our culture with

Living Legend

“Living Legend” Momma didn’t have a car, but everyday I was being driven by these vivid Visions walking to and from school, stayed cool on a hot Summer day dream

My Sunday Morning Prayer

“My Sunday Morning Prayer” My Sunday Morning prayer, R.I.P to Yesterday, last Week, last Month, last Year…. The Darkest part of the P.M is right before the A.M, welcome New

Hollowed BE

“Hollowed BE” Oh Hollowed BE, deep is the hole of THY Key, who can reach the pits of THY keep and unlock THEE, how about a round of applause for

Love is Blind

“Love is Blind“ Ignorance is kind, the most blissful thing about Love is that it’s blind, shading the overwhelming light of the Truth behind, fine, pull back the curtains of

Queen of Hearts

“Queen of Hearts” Queen of Hearts, the most precious Jewel on my Crown, she was down for the King like 4 flats on a 52 Cadillac, I’d pitch it, she’d

My Advice to You… Part. 3

My advice to you is; Think more than you quickly do, therefore your do can have greater impact. That way you don’t have to do so much when you’re doing.


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